If It’s Optional, Do You Have To Be Honest?

Posted Sunday, 21 January 2007, 3:55 pm

I tend to be against race-based discrimination, no matter what the reason. Whether it be cops profiling drivers ("Driving While Black"), or admissions policies that give preference to people of one color over another—any way you slice it, making a decision based on the color of one’s skin, rather than the content of their character, is wrong. If we’re to move to a place where race is meaningless, then we have to drop all pretense of using race for classification.

This comes up in relation to my previous article regarding changing my name. My petition went through, so now my legal name is Paul Theodoropoulos, rather than Paul Theodoropoulos. Joy!

My next step is to get a new Social Security card with the new name. In filling out the form, I came across the following section: Race/Ethnic Description Field from Social Security form

While I’m not of a mind to muck about with this—I’m merely going to leave it blank—I wonder…Since the information is voluntary, it should have no legally binding effect upon getting the card. So would there be any problem at all in checking a box other than your correct race? It’d be a dandy bit of civil disobedience. A sudden massive spike in the population of North American Indians would be nice.

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kludge said:

I’ve always wanted to be a pacific islander…

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