Apple Releases iPhone – A Grateful Nation Scratches Its Brow, er, Screen

Posted Tuesday, 09 January 2007, 8:25 pm

To much fanfare, Apple Computer today released the iPhone. To be sure, it’s a sexy, innovative device—that’s what Apple does. But a quick look at the device and I, for one, can see that its boldest feature will also be its biggest shortcoming. That being? The touch-screen. Or as I like to call it, "That great, big, constantly smudged magnet for the business end of car keys, pens, eyeglass frames, pocket change, and in general anything sharper than your Aunt Tillie’s wit".

Certainly, those who fork over what promises to be a fatted-calf or two to own one of these little delights is going to be very, very careful with it. So, deprecate the potential scratching/gouging of the screen, since owners will keep likely it in a velvet-lined titanium case. Still—it’s a touch-screen. You operate the device by touching the screen, sliding your finger around on screen.

Just as a for-example, here’s a photo of the screen of my Treo 650, after using my finger to operate the touchscreen for a while (which should properly be operated with the included stylus):

You get the idea…


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