Would You Like To Borrow My Compass, Congressman?

Posted Friday, 23 June 2006, 4:27 pm

I love this video. I just love it. I happen to have no objections at all to the expression of religion in public and private spaces – the whole concept of a ‘wall of separation’ between church and state has become a mantra with no basis. It’s been turned on it’s head to change ‘separation’ into ‘exclusion’, and they simply are not the same. Forbidding people from any religious display or utterance at work is, in a word, idiotic. This notion that someone might be offended is ‘PC’ gone awry.  If the fellow in the next cubicle over wants to kneel towards Mecca three times a day, so what? If I want to hang a copy of Raphael’s Madonna next to my computer, so what? People need to get over this ‘offended’ crap.

But I digress. this video is really an indictment of demagoguery more than anything else.  

(Followup – there’s a longer edit of this on youtube, and it’s pretty clear that the congressman is ‘playing along’ with colbert to some degree – so I’ll give him a little slack)

Confessions of the Cheerful Goth

Posted Friday, 23 June 2006, 12:05 pm

"A Poem"

Dark spiraling

Long shadow of  forgotten shopping list

Silent dungeon of my wallet

Angel of low-fat ice cream why have you forsaken me?

But wait

What cackle echoes past these gleaming aisles?

The clarion! My sweet and happy Triple Chocolate Mocha Parfait!

I am fulfilled, whisked upon the wings of the Dark Angel

To the cocoa wrapped embrace

Of my gleeful, pulsing and throbbing heart


Honorable Mention Won’t Cut It

Posted Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 8:57 pm

I need your help. I want this to be the top of the tier. I want to make this blog as banal as possible. I’m really going for the gold here – the world’s most unreadable blog, not because it’s riddle with typos and bad jokes, or because it’s filled with intensely personal ruminations that should have been left locked within a flower-printed diary with a few faint tear stains on particularly dog-eared pages- no, i’m going for the truly execrable. Nonsense that’s not clever. Ruminations that are just….plain….boring.

Think of a hairball. Picture it in your mind.

There you go!

What I Really Wanted Was Banana Though

Posted Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 6:27 pm

The date attached to this image says 2002, but I think it’s a fair bit older than that. I was trying to make an ‘artsy’ image of a berry smoothie that my wife had just made, alongside her collection of power-pole insulators. It came out okay, nice purdy color on that there berry stuff.

Some time later, my harddrive got corrupted, completely tits-up, unable to boot or recover. Likely some windows nonsense, in fact i’m sure of it. I bought this ‘industrial strength’ data recovery program to try to suck at least some of the information off the disk before reformatting and starting anew. As the results below demonstrate, it wasn’t entirely successful in recovering the data accurately.


However, the image came out even artsy-fartsier! I can now call myself a post-modernardist.

Pixels Is Where It’s At

Posted Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 6:17 pm

I hear tell that people like pictures. Images. So hey, let’s spice up this area of the internet intersection where left and right turning cars and through traffic never go, and there’s that little accumulation of gravel and wire and grommets that sits there for months on end. You know?

I cut my own hair. Have for decades. Generally do an okay job. Once in 2003, I kinda had a twitch in the old elbow, and found myself having to really ‘fine tune’ things to make it look like less of an accident. Did i succeed? Not so much.


(Postscript: Had to reduce the image size as it was scaring the neighbors)


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