Where Was I?

Posted Monday, 26 June 2006, 5:59 pm

So what prompted the story about 1979? Well, i was about to write an humorous little story about an incident from back in my misspent youth. That story is actually an outgrowth of the events of 1979 detailed previous.

while my mother was in the hospital, in intensive care, given those ominous odds of ’50/50′ chance of living, i sat with her weeping. this was about a year after i had graduated from high school, and i was quite directionless. i’d had no plans to go to college, even though mom always wanted me (all three of her sons for that matter) to go to college.

sitting there, i decided that the right thing to do was to promise her i would indeed go to college. to do that for her.

so i did. i hurriedly applied to san jose state university, and started classes barely a couple of months after her accident.

of course, i pretty well frittered away my college years. i was still directionless. i had no real conception of the responsibilities that lay ahead as an adult (and since my emotional development had come to a screeching halt at age eleven, perhaps that makes sense).

i took history of art, graphic art, fine art, electronics, metalworking, philosophy. pretty much whatever interested me at the moment. never declared a major. dropped out in my third year.

but….i digress. that humorous little story, yes, i remember now.


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