Confessions of the Cheerful Goth

Posted Friday, 23 June 2006, 12:05 pm

"A Poem"

Dark spiraling

Long shadow of  forgotten shopping list

Silent dungeon of my wallet

Angel of low-fat ice cream why have you forsaken me?

But wait

What cackle echoes past these gleaming aisles?

The clarion! My sweet and happy Triple Chocolate Mocha Parfait!

I am fulfilled, whisked upon the wings of the Dark Angel

To the cocoa wrapped embrace

Of my gleeful, pulsing and throbbing heart



Modren Lfie


kludge said:

This is top notch. I’m a vanilla swiss almond fan myself.  If there is something wrong with you, it’s not pronounceable.

Friday, 23 June 2006, 1:14 pm | Permalink


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