What I Really Wanted Was Banana Though

Posted Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 6:27 pm

The date attached to this image says 2002, but I think it’s a fair bit older than that. I was trying to make an ‘artsy’ image of a berry smoothie that my wife had just made, alongside her collection of power-pole insulators. It came out okay, nice purdy color on that there berry stuff.

Some time later, my harddrive got corrupted, completely tits-up, unable to boot or recover. Likely some windows nonsense, in fact i’m sure of it. I bought this ‘industrial strength’ data recovery program to try to suck at least some of the information off the disk before reformatting and starting anew. As the results below demonstrate, it wasn’t entirely successful in recovering the data accurately.


However, the image came out even artsy-fartsier! I can now call myself a post-modernardist.


Modren Lfie


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