The Reflecting Puddle

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 6:51 pm

With a bit of reflection, and perhaps more importantly rereading, I’m further amused by my earlier musings. But not happily so. While I claimed ‘conclusions’ in my penultimate happy talk post, I find on rereading there are none. Not a one. Plenty of open-ended analysis, probing, oh my so probing. But analysis without conclusions is like…is like…corn without the cob?

Actually, I suppose there’s plenty of room for open-ended analysis, even ajar analysis. Really, what does it matter? This murky puddle of electrons isn’t going anywhere, nor does it need to. I stake my claim to this mundane hairball of the blogpolitic. I will shout it loud and shout it clear:

I have nothing to say. You have nothing to hear. Move along.


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