Paul Is Not A Blogger

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 11:24 am

Not breaking any new ground with that opening. Obviously I am a blogger, as these words exist here on the web. However, what I will make clear is that I am an absolute amateur. I am quite simply, nobody. so what I write here has no authority, demonstrates no specific or particular expertise, and any insights that may be tendered were likely first formulated by an ancient Greek, so there’s nothing new here to see.

Compare this however, to the typical blog (is there such a thing?). The blogosphere is littered, nay riddled, with crackpots, cranks, know-nothings, self-proclaimed pundits, jerks, and idiots, all claiming to hold not just the high moral ground, but the high intellectual ground. How do we know that? They tell us so! And remarkably enough, some of the successful ones have become widely read enough to actually become shapers – influencers – of opinion.

Now you ask, what exactly is wrong with that? Does someone have to have a degree in economics, environmental science, political science, to be able to comment lucidly and intelligently on such matters as may come to mind? Most certainly not. There are self-taught experts out there in the world, many of them. There are also innumerable hacks and crackpots who have plenty of titles and degrees to their name, yet represent nothing but regurgitators of ideological cant (paging Ward Churchill, Ward Churchill line one).

So, having trashed, after a fashion, much of what exists out there in blogspace (possibly a better term than blogosphere? the latter sounds so….self-important for some inexplicable reason, whereas blogspace at least hints at the actuality – vast reaches of nothingness) – then why am I here?

The answer should be obvious. Because I am nobody, with no claim to authority, and a regurgitator of ideological cant. in my finest third-grade tone, "if they can do it why can’t I??".

And so, begins.


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