Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 12:39 pm

Unfortunately, the vastness of the apathetic middle has created a vacuum. When most people simply don’t give a damn, it rather gives those who do give a damn an awfully uncongested ideological highway to travel. Nature abhors a vacuum, and ‘giving a damn’ – good or bad – fills it.

The problem is, ‘giving a damn’ is definitely not a credential. As I took pains to point out – I give a damn, but who the hell am I? I care a lot about some things, don’t give a damn about others. But if I – like ten thousand others – take to the blog as my clarion, I can share my voice with many of the apathetic who have a vague notion that ‘something’s going on’ and find the distraction of the commentary interesting.

Not just the blog of course. The airwaves are filled with the ‘give a damn’ folks. And likewise, most really have no credentials either. Their credential is that ‘they care’, but that’s about the extent of it. Selfishness is a primary driving force in Man, rightfully so – "grub first, then ethics" in the wonderful words of Bertolt Brecht.



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