Not That Kind Of Reactionary, silly!

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 7:43 pm

possibly the most difficult aspect of blogging for me is that as nature abhors a vacuum, i abhor a blank page. i can’t call it ‘writer’s block’, as that would expose the conceit that i might be a writer. what i find though, is that i’m just great at writing in response to others. i have wasted untold hundreds of hours of my life posting in blog comments. someone else start the topic – i’ll run with it. so long as the topic has even  marginal interest for me, i can sputter and spew about it til they button up piccadilly. i recently "quit", cold-turkey, a popular blog that i’d been posting comments on for quite a few months. i closed the tab in my browser, and i’ve not been back. i found myself wasting such an enormous amount of time responding there. and to what end? the majority on the blog are classic bay area liberals, and i became ‘the conservative guy’, ‘the bush supporter’, simply because i didn’t profess my undying loathing for the bush-cheney-rice-rove-rumsfeld-wolfowitz-PNAC cabal in every post.

so, i’m a reactionary writer. i write in reaction to others. creating new ‘stuff’ on my own is uncommonly difficult.

i’m quite well aware of the question that looms like a wet fart outside the door: so why are you doing it then,  bubba? 

The Reflecting Puddle

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 6:51 pm

With a bit of reflection, and perhaps more importantly rereading, I’m further amused by my earlier musings. But not happily so. While I claimed ‘conclusions’ in my penultimate happy talk post, I find on rereading there are none. Not a one. Plenty of open-ended analysis, probing, oh my so probing. But analysis without conclusions is like…is like…corn without the cob?

Actually, I suppose there’s plenty of room for open-ended analysis, even ajar analysis. Really, what does it matter? This murky puddle of electrons isn’t going anywhere, nor does it need to. I stake my claim to this mundane hairball of the blogpolitic. I will shout it loud and shout it clear:

I have nothing to say. You have nothing to hear. Move along.

Paul Is A Boob.

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 3:28 pm

This post exists only for one purpose.

“I think that people who write blogs about blogging are deluded.”

There. I’ve just meta-meta-blogged.

Paul Is Thinking

Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 1:05 pm

Paul is rather amused at what he’s written so far. I’m living the blogging dream, baby!

Serious tones, analysis, conclusions. Fabulous baby. Just fabulous. I ‘r’ a instapundit. I think. I’m not really sure what an instapundit it. I assume it’s someone who starts a blog and starts prattling on about politics and stuff.

With no credentials. Other than owning a computer, being able to type, and having an internet connection.

Good deal!


Posted Sunday, 04 June 2006, 12:39 pm

Unfortunately, the vastness of the apathetic middle has created a vacuum. When most people simply don’t give a damn, it rather gives those who do give a damn an awfully uncongested ideological highway to travel. Nature abhors a vacuum, and ‘giving a damn’ – good or bad – fills it.

The problem is, ‘giving a damn’ is definitely not a credential. As I took pains to point out – I give a damn, but who the hell am I? I care a lot about some things, don’t give a damn about others. But if I – like ten thousand others – take to the blog as my clarion, I can share my voice with many of the apathetic who have a vague notion that ‘something’s going on’ and find the distraction of the commentary interesting.

Not just the blog of course. The airwaves are filled with the ‘give a damn’ folks. And likewise, most really have no credentials either. Their credential is that ‘they care’, but that’s about the extent of it. Selfishness is a primary driving force in Man, rightfully so – "grub first, then ethics" in the wonderful words of Bertolt Brecht.



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